Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"Road Raisins!"

I love this song even if nobody else does.

Road Raisins--Oh, how I love 'em--
Road Raisins--I gotta have 'em;
I pick 'em up in the road--
I'm not quite sure what they are;
They kinda look like a toad
That's been run over by a car.

Road Raisins--You just can't beat 'em;
Road Raisins--Can't do without 'em;
If I could make 'em from scratch
I sure would make me a batch
That would be more than I'd catch
By far;
I love those Road Raisins--
But I'm not quite sure what they are.

- - -

Road Raisins--make life worth living;
Road Raisins--they make my heart sing;
Each day I pick a big bunch--
I find 'em right near my door;
After I eat 'em for lunch
I go and pick a big bunch more.

Road Raisins--they're extra crispy;
Road Raisins--I guess they're risk free;
If I just knew how to bake
I sure would bake me a cake
With my whole Road Raisin take
To date;
I love those Road Raisins--
Don't know what they are--but they're great!


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