Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Car Song: "A Cinderella Up On Cinder Blocks"

This is not on the disc I have for sale on eBay, but it's one of my alternate favorites. Perhaps I will unearth a version of it in one of my videotaped performances, should the crying need for a "live" album arise.

I know she's been around the block more than a few times--
But say, she'll make that trip a million and two times;
So let me kick her tires and test her shocks--
She's a Cinderella up on cinder blocks.

I know once I've replaced all her fan belts and hoses
That she will come to life smelling not unlike roses;
So give me that spray lube to free her locks--
She's a Cinderella up on cinder blocks.

A few weeks on the lift and a few weeks on my bench'll
Release her hitherto untapped, unrealized potential;
And once I've got her on the road , you can bet that wench'll
Roar through every thoroughfare (except for residential).

So, though she don't seem much, I can tell she's a mean car--
I guess my job right now is to make her a clean car;
When I'm done she'll look fresh out of the box--
She's a Cinderella up on cinder blocks.

- - -

I'll polish up her chrome and I'll make her shine purer--
But I wonder how the heck I'll ever insure her;
I guess I'll have to burglarize Fort Knox--
She's a Cinderella up on cinder blocks.

She goes so fast I know that I'll soon get a ticket--
I'm bound to tell that town cop just where he can stick it;
I'll get a healthy workout breaking rocks--
She's a Cinderella up on cinder blocks.

A few weeks in the can and a few weeks on probation
Provides a mandatory pause, a county-paid vacation
During which I'll plan and scheme a better carburetion;
I'll be spending lots of time down at the police station.

I know these wheels are something I'm going to be hell on--
I'll burn up so much rubber they'll judge me a felon;
I think I'll choose a box more orthodox--
Keep your Cinderella up on cinder blocks.

Ah the dreams of spring! Too bad gas is two bucks a gallon and my own "Cinderella" is a Ford Festiva. Still, that snow can't melt fast enough--and she does get 40 mpg. Vrooooom!


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