Friday, June 03, 2005

Announcing "Radiola"--a new program of old music

Not being one to count my chickens, I waited until I actually SAW the summer schedule. Now it can be told: starting Friday, June 10 I will be hosting "Radiola," a weekly program of 20s and 30s jazz and pop on WHCL from 9 to 11 PM EDT. The frequency is 88.7, but since the station has an effective radius of 30 miles (on a good day with a prevailing wind) from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, I assume anyone reading this would opt for the webcast.

The program will be drawn from my sprawling and unwieldy collection of CDs, LPs, and 78s. What I will play from week to week is anybody's guess. I'll try to keep it light and fun. Nor will I shy from a touch of irony when the moment demands it.

"Radiola" will run through the end of July, but if the show is in any way a success (and I don't manage to offend anyone) it might last longer. One never knows, do one?


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